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my little (neglected) blog got a shout out from a fan page on facebook, which is sort of thrilling, but i haven’t posted any new content since, oh JANUARY, which is sort of pathetic. i am now inspired (or is it shamed?) into posting more. i have been meaning to, i swear! i do have lots to say, i’ve just been saying it all in snarky little bits on facebook instead. but i promise. as much for me as anyone who might stop by.

and since i hate photo-less posts:


this is my new favorite drink.


pomegranate juice + seltzer + vodka.


the results are extraordinary.


it tastes like summer.


and is perfect for drinking on your fire escape at sunset once the kiddies are in bed.


but it needs a name. what would you call it?


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more sugar (and spice)

…lots of it.


she’s feisty this one; like a kitten. a wild kitten. she’s the girl i always wanted, and then some. funny thing is, she was so mellow when she was a baby. really. she would hang out and sleep and eat and poop and then sleep some more. i could count on just my fingers the rough nights we had her first 6 months; which is to say, not many.

she is such a girl. and i don’t mean in the “everything must be pink” or “please refer to me as princess” kind of girl…no. (this is a child, after all, who names one of her favorite colors as black). i mean in the “just because i like it doesn’t mean i want it” or “just because i said it doesn’t mean i meant it” kind of way. she kind of takes that whole idea of it being a woman’s right to change her mind to a whole new level. she makes you work.

i wish i were more like her; i do not doubt that her attitude will serve her well in life. 

i love you, my sweet and spicy “miss do”. happy third birthday.

one day old:

1 day

one year old:

1 yr

two years old:

2 yrs subway

(talking to herself on the subway like every other crazy person in this city)

and now, three:


yes, that is leopard print. ’nuff said.

MHNS cupcake

enjoy the cake porn.


3 candle cake


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sugar high

so many cupcakes, so little time:

a certain 6 year old i know made out very well this week on the cupcake front. and i had fun, too. (i wish i could take credit for the middle ones, but alas, cannot). now i get a 3 week respite, and then it starts all over again for a certain about-to-be 3 year old i know. oh yum.

…and oh my. i’d better make sure i get to the gym between batches.

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pinch me

so this morning – is it possible? – both kids were dropped off at their schools, i got to go to the new cafe, have a cappuccino in peace, come home, do laundry, bake cupcakes for tomorrow, and had time to do a quick post.

am i dreaming? could it really be?

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so very interesting: food, coffee, beautiful old buildings and portraits of women. not surprising, really, for a mosaic of me. that pretty much sums me up. oh, yes, and don’t forget henry (or should i say, desmond, brutha?)

The concept:

a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
b. Using only the first page, pick an image. The easiest way is to head over here and use the mosaic maker, you can paste the url of each picture in as you go.
c. Copy and paste the html into your blog or Flickr stream.

The Questions:
1. What is your first name? – suzanne
2. What is your favorite food? – bread/chocolate/red wine
3. What high school did you go to? – Teaneck High School
4. What is your favorite color? – twilight Sky
5. Who is your celebrity crush? – henry ian cusick
6. Favorite drink? – iced latte
7. Dream vacation? – paris
8. Favorite dessert? – cannoli
9. What you want to be when you grow up? – an actress
10. What do you love most in life? – my children
11. One Word to describe you. – soft
12. Looked up my flickr name and found something about me – just this album cover! (but if i add a space between the two parts, i find more…including a pic of myself!)

[i’ve got to say, i didn’t find this very user friendly. i got the images mosaic-ed ok, but getting them to show up here & be clickable and have their proper credit just didn’t happen. suffice it to say, these are not my pix, they are from flickr and i thank those who took them].

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sore loser

don’t you get all pissed when you donate money and then don’t win the raffle prize? i do. not too terribly generous of me, but damn i really wanted cookies from deb at smitten kitchen, mwah.

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