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happy. new.

oh, good god. has it really been more than a year since i posted? shame on me. i suck. but not for much longer: BOTH CHILDREN ARE IN SCHOOL ALL DAY. yes. yes. YES!

i need this break to work on my life a little. we are moving (down the street), i got new headshots (they rock), and i’m starting a cupcake business (‘mama loves cupcakes’).

i vow to be here more, not just for you, my loyal reader or two. (ahem). but for me! blogging is good writing practice, and a great place to hash out ideas. and post pictures. which you know i love to do.

happy new school year, and happy new whatever is new for you!


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…is a tad addictive (if any of you are wondering where i’ve been). i’m entering a 12 step program for it.

seriously, though, wow. i’m really liking it, re-connecting with folks i haven’t heard from in years. great fun. i highly recommend it. it’s like blogging lite (love those creative status updates). which is why i’ve been neglecting this here site. which i don’t mean to, and will endeavor to pay more attention to. 

as soon as i update my status.

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just took a quiz over here

found out i’m an ingrid

pretty pleased with that


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first grade. the first day of preschool. so far, so good.

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meme the first

unless the mosaic was a meme? i saw this one at anna’s blog (one of my faves – glad you’re posting again!), and decided to do it here. mostly because they are questions i can answer quickly, thereby posting quickly, and thereby feel like a blogger. ha! diagram that.

1) What was I doing 10 years ago? planning our wedding! we’ll be married 10 years this september. wow. also, getting paid the most ever i’d ever made for theatre. that was nice.

2) What are 5 things on my to-do list for today? get the boy to school, get coffee, take miss thing to music class, feed neighbor’s cat, nap miss thing, download camera (pix from the boy’s moving-up ceremony from last night!), work on thank-you gifts for the boy’s fabulous teachers, get the boy from school, survive the afternoon (go to the park, probably), feed the children, put said children to bed. oh, yes and we must eat in there somewhere. is that more than 5? go figure. 

3) Snacks I enjoy: see mosaic below! chocolate, baby. iced coffee. gorgeous cupcakes. popcorn & lemonade. diet coke. dipping salty, crunchy things into hummus. bread. tasti delite (which i’m sure, ain’t).

4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire: hire my favorite musicians (see sidebar) to play private parties! give away a lot. start a theatre? move someplace bigger. travel. eat out. what a lame list (except the musician part). honestly, i can’t even wrap my mind around the idea. 

5) Places I have lived: teaneck, new jersey; blacksburg, virginia; cincinnati, ohio; kent, ohio (one summer); new york city (hell’s kitchen and inwood).

6) Jobs I have had: life-sucking retail, babysitter, flower deliver-er!, admin ass’t, restaurant hostess (even more life-sucking than retail), actor, mama

7) Bloggers I am tagging who I will enjoy getting to know better: oh, i don’t know. if you read this and feel like doing it, be my guest! leave me a comment so i can read your answers.

and now, because i can’t stand picture-less posts…

the boy amongst his peers, as they move on from kindergarten:

they had a hilariously cute song & dance number to the tune of ‘new york, new york’ which the boy flatly refused to participate in. he also wouldn’t walk over to get his certificate by himself (all this attention can be very overwhelming, see?), so a buddy or two went with him, resulting in a very sweet group hug with the two coolest teachers ever (please excuse the blurriness & darkness):

on to first grade!

holy crapamoley.



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so i spent the morning playdating/babysitting with three two-year-olds. i wasn’t on my own the whole time, the first hour or so was the playdate portion with another mother, but then my neighborhood friend dropped her daughter off so she could do something she really needed to do and hasn’t been able to because altho she’s married, her husband isn’t in the picture right now and she has been in babysitter hell. since i am a saint, i agree to sit for her.

lemme tell ya, sainthood ain’t what it’s cracked up to be. toddler girls shriek. a lot. and pull hair. and cry. luckily they are also cute as hell, and when well-fed, pretty entertaining. after my miss thing spent the first hour not sharing and grabbing things away from her poor playdate (and this was a first date, too. oy. wonder if playdate’s mama is ever going to want to have another with us), she finally ate some banana and veggie booty and became (relatively) normal & well-behaved. and then they started dancing. i turned on some abba and the ladies went nuts. very cute. also, caught on tape for future usage.

but then, miss thing’s little pal’s mama was way late coming to get her because of train troubles and my little *cough* angel started to get a wee bit tired. the last 45 minutes or so was a feat of negotiation and entertainment and food offerings on my part. they ate their weight in dried mango (blech). finally it was over and miss thing went down for her rather belated nap and i was thinking, well that sure sucked the life outta me, and i checked my email and found something that made my day.

a neighborhood friend of mine took my picture on saturday, quite randomly, because she’s trying to become less shy about asking to take people’s pictures. she’s a writer and a blogger (and a mother, of course). so she took a coupla pix of miss thing & myself and one of me alone and that was that. she emailed me the full-sized cute pic of me & my progeny the other day & i replied, thanks, and boy do i need a facial! nothing like an extreme close up to give you pause about the state of your skin.
anyway, she replied (and i quote):

“no way, man, you’re foxy.”

i think i’m in love.

it gets better too. she linked me to her flickr photostream, where she describes me thusly:

“Glamazon. Comrade-in-arms”.

i owe her a beer, for sure.

her flickr photstream, if you’re interested. her descriptions of the people that i know in her set are dead on (ahem, if i do say so myself), and pretty hilarious. those of you in the ‘hood: read what she wrote about zuzu. i laughed my ass off. those of you living elsewhere: it is an understatement.


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