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oh, my…it’s been a while. i keep thinking of all these little things to write about, but none really add up to much blog-wise. not too much going on, but at the same time: a LOT.

shall i brag about the children? ok.

miss thing is learning her abc’s. like in the past 10 days she went from being able to recognize only the letter for her name to knowing almost all 26 of them! genius! and listening to her sing the abc song is so freaking cute and funny i could die. i need to get audio of it, which i suppose means i will get video of it as well. ah, digital memories.

and the boy? well, his school had a benefit art show where each student had a piece for sale and guess who’s piece was the most popular…like they had to make prints? yup, his. more genius!


it was a paint mixing/exploration exercise. the colors really are gorgeous. we bought it, of course, but i had to fight for it! also, on the slightly creepy side: it breaks frames. like 4 of them. the art teacher would frame it, come back the next day and the damn thing would be broken. simple clip frame, not even hanging on the wall: broken. weird. i shall frame in plexi, i think.

also, answer to long-ago riddle regarding the boy’s early spelling: THIS IS A HOLLOWED OUT DRUM.

what else, what else? oh, yeah, i had my first audition in, oh, i don’t know, a year? two years? for a summer theatre in massachusetts. it went fine. i wasn’t brilliant but i didn’t suck, and honestly, that’s all i care about. i don’t want to be offered the job…well, my ego does of course, but my brain does not. it seems like a cute play and a nice place to be for FIVE WEEKS. five weeks?!?!? WTF am i supposed to do with my kids for 5 weeks? my hubby is home a lot b/c he’s a voice-over actor, so he just auditions and goes to bookings, which really doesn’t take up that much time during the week, but his schedule is totally erratic. miss thing is not going to nap for some sitter, and neither one of them would be happy with some random person watching them AT ALL. and of course, my parents, who currently live 8 miles (20 minutes) away, are moving an hour south. it would be very stressful for everyone and i’m honestly not sure it would be worth it at all. except for my ego, of course, but she can wait.

and, you know, i felt rusty. i was acting a little too much in the audition, i thought (hard concept to understand for non-thespians, but those of you in the know know what i’m saying, right?). i gestured A LOT. my voice was tight. i was REALLYREALLYREALLY nervous. i am not a shaker and i was a little shakey. i usually (used to) really like to audition. i’m good at it. i audition really well. i have slipped. but the question is…how much do i care? i’m not sure. confusing and depressing but also a little liberating. i refer you to a friend’s blog posts about this subject (theatre, that is): virtualhyberbole.blogspot.com read the first 2 posts that come up, and be sure to click on the article she refers to.

since all that is a little bit of a downer (to me anyway!), how about some funny pix to wrap up this rambling post?

first, miss thing as an chocolate easter egg addict:


those are chocolate eggs in her cheeks. girl heaven.

and for you boys out there: my boys went to the n.y. auto show and got to sit in a hummer:


boy heaven.

over and out.


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