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poetry, a day late

ever since i started this, and even before when i was just thinking about it, i was pretty excited to participate in the blogger’s silent poetry reading. and i missed it. by a day. i knew it was in february, i knew it was early in february. i just didn’t realize it was this early. it was, officially, yesterday. mine is, i suppose, today.

Take Hands

by Laura (Riding) Jackson

Take hands.

There is no love now.

But there are hands.

There is no joining now,

But a joining has been

Of the fastening of fingers

And their opening.

More than the clasp even, the kiss

Speaks loneliness,

How we dwell apart,

And how love triumphs in this.

love, love, love it! don’t know why. i haven’t analyzed or thought much about it. it might even be a really sad, un-love poem, but i love it. i wanted to have it read at my wedding but i got vetoed. (!) i just think it’s really lovely.



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