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looking forward…

we are¬†enjoying summer…

by barefoot dancing:

with our annual pilgrimage to the waterpark:

by just hanging around:

and with visits to some new places, visits to see old friends and visits around our own city to see things in a new way.

this is the bronx:

this is brooklyn:

this is manhattan, and yes, that is the staten island ferry on the hudson river. ???

we are planning for the fall…

first grade!¬†preschool! time to myself.¬†plans? gym, coffee, gym, organize, coffee, knit, gym, blog, coffee…you get the idea.

we are racing for the cure…

support ‘team martha’, if you can. every little bit helps. click here.

we are happy, and well, and safe, and loved. i am looking forward to the coming busy season as i enjoy this current carefree one.


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da bronx

i’m pretty tuckered out, so this’ll mostly just be visual. the boy is off school this week, so we’re all about finding Something To Do. today, we went to the bronx:

this is the bronx

seriously. the bronx. chickens, horses and pony rides. miss thing was very excited about the pony ride…in concept. her whole time aboard the beastie, however, she was saying, “…mama….mama….mama…let’s go home….mama…mama…” she liked the chickens better, i think. the boy would have nothing to do with the pony ride to even begin with, but we all saw that coming, didn’t we? he seemed to like our friend jonathan’s shirt better.

btw, the pony was named madonna and the trainer was benny. both were very sweet. so is jonathan.

tomorrow: Ikea!

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beachy keen

well, last weekend we traded in the never-coming spring of new york city for a few days of sudden & early-at-least-to-us summer in southern florida.

oh, yeah.

the t-man’s mother lives just north of west palm, and we hadn’t been down a while, so it was time.

boy, was it time: 85 glorious, slightly humid degrees, bright sun, and sand in your crack. what else could a pasty urbanite ask for?

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ridiculous fun

grab your toddler, go here, and go crazy!


these guys are totally insane and the dino-sauring song is completely addictive…don’t say i didn’t warn you!

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the everyday

soule mama has inspired me to look a little closer at the everyday:

a belly and a boat:

a tea party:




i’ve been taking more pictures, discovered the macro on my camera and been a little more focused in those mundane moments (minutes, hours, days!) when it’s so easy to just go on autopilot or to check out. very helpful.

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oooh, i had me a nice little waldorfy mama moment yesterday. first, i diverted a request for tv from miss thing when she woke up from her nap. i suggested we play with her new dollhouse and so we did. score 1 por moi. then, she wanted water for the little wooden shower. hmmm, what to do? i know! use blue yarn. tie it to the little knobby shower head and voila! doll shower water. i was so freakin’ proud of myself. i even took pictures:


score 2!

then, we commenced to cutting yarn in general (she did pretty dern well for a 2 year old):


then, of course, the shower went under the knife:


my masterful creative impulse, right down the pretend drain, but hey, miss thing was having a blast and the tv wasn’t on! score 3.

then, well then, i wouldn’t let her run amok in the house with the scissors and she had a total meltdown and we watched caillou. ah well.

damn, she makes it all look soooo easy. and they don’t even have a tv.mama-doll-2.jpg

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