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two-plus years ago some friends of ours from the ‘hood moved away. to vermont. we were all sad. real sad. we threw them a big farewell (in martha’s apartment, actually). they came down a few months later for one reason or another, but that was the last most of us saw of them. vermont is pretty far. especially with little kids who really hate car seats.

but a few weeks ago, t-man & i packed up the kidlets and headed north for a visit. we were a little nervous – miss thing still doesn’t last long in her seat. plus, we hadn’t seen these folks for nearly 2 years…what if we had nothing to talk about? yipes.

we needn’t have worried: it was a great trip (well, aside from the whole car seat thing). we had plenty to talk about with our old friends, and the kids played together like they see each other every day.

we met the new baby, 

hung out, played,

ate bread, rode bikes, 

painted toe nails, 

worked on the plumbing

ran around an empty building 

and generally continued our friendship as if no time had passed. very nice. almost too nice? it stinks that they live so far away…tho it does give us a heck of a reason to go to vermont in the summer! but we missed them the moment we left. the boy cried for the first 10 or 15 miles of the trip home. (he is, after all, going to marry their eldest). we were all pretty bummed that we had to leave them behind. will it be a year before we can see them again? sigh.

we miss you guys. 

and thanks for the pep talk, julie. i needed it and it really helped. you know what i’m talking about. love you.




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forty something year old women should not get cancer and get better for a little bit and then get worse again and THEN die the day after kindergarten ends, leaving a 6 year old in great confusion and pain. i’ve got a bone to pick with someone about this.

i barely have a decent picture of you.

goodbye dear martha, your friends in the neighborhood are so sad and we miss you so badly and we will help to care for your daughter. she will know you. we promise.

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ooohhh! lookie what i got in the mail the other day….

yup, the pattern for the famously overknit baby surprise jacket from elizabeth zimmerman (“ez” to those in the knit). i’m going to put my magallanes to use, finally, for this pattern. the babe has been born, he is a he, and i’m far, far behind on a gift. i haven’t even spoken to the mama voip-to-voip yet!

i’m a little intimidated by the pattern, though, i have to say. i love how she writes things down: “See what you are doing? You are decreasing…”, or, “Work will start to look very odd indeed, but trust me and press on.” there’s a lot of that. sweet, personable, human…but i fear things will be hard to keep track of. i plan on writing out the pattern line by line, because, as i have learned in the past, if it ain’t written down, i ain’t gonna knit it. or purl it. or what-have-you. you see what i’m saying.

in other surprise-related news, miss thing is keeping us on our collective toes lately. not that she hasn’t, always. not that all children don’t, usually. but jeez. i can barely catch my breath. like, for the biggest instance, she – quite suddenly – needs one hour less sleep per day. yeah. you parents out there, you feel my pain, right? she already wasn’t the ‘maximum’ type sleeper like the boy is, and now: oy. chicklet is going to sleep at 9-freakin’-thirty. folks. i need to be in bed by 10:30 or i’m toast because she still gets up by 7:15. that’s a short evening indeed. barely time to shower and watch the wire! i don’t think she cares.

also, surprise! school is ending. ahhhh! where did the year go? kindergarten is nearly over. i can barely wrap my brain around that. but the journey…the journey for the boy has been really important. he has come so very far. i (seriously) could not have paid cash money for this year to go any better than it did. i give a lot of credit to his pre-school teacher, last year (melissa). and a lot to his teacher this year, miss pinnie, the rockin’-est kindergartner teacher there ever was. but i also have to give him credit: he has matured so much this year. from the boy who wouldn’t answer to his name during roll call in the morning to the boy who read two books in front of his whole class – and remembered to show the pictures!! he now runs down to the third grade class for reading buddies on fridays. amazing. i am so proud of him.


(isn’t that the best class photo ever? i love it so much more than those silly posed ones with the dorky background. they were on the beach at coney island. after they took this pic, they ran a big race across the sand).

anything surprising you these days?

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i’ve got several thoughtful posts in draft form, but jeez, it’s taking me a long time to write them & get them up here. so in the meantime, i thought i’d get a little fast and frivolous. ready?


ok, wait. i have plenty of stuff. but we all want things, right? besides, all of these things aren’t necessarily material anyway.

i want:

  • to lose the last 5. things are going well in this department, thanks to

cheap gym with a ton of machines and very close to my place. i like.

  • to be able to go here for yoga

the integral yoga institute on 13th street. it’s like an hour away by subway so i haven’t been there for-bloody-ever.

  • these babies

el naturalista iggdrasil shoes. my neighborhhood pal heather has some in a leafy green. lurrrve them. not gonna happen anytime soon, though.

  • more space. oh, specifically, a dining room, a third bedroom and some private outdoor space. my, my, a house would be nice. we fantasize about ones like this:

that’s in montclair, nj

or this

in new paltz, ny

here’s the rub tho: not ready to leave la ciudad. not at all. especially not our ‘hood. i love it here.

  • time, baby, time.

time to knit this:

le clapotis by kate gilbert…

or this:

flicca by anna bell. oh my word, so beautiful. i can’t even imagine how long it would take me to make.

and time to bog, for chrissakes!

  • to see my friends! i’ve got so many people who i need to see, whom i haven’t seen in a really long time:

there’s my best pal, lynn, in chicago. she’s got a 2 year old who has cystic fybrosis and i haven’t seen her in two years. there’s my brother and his wife, also in chicago. there’s my good friend, maria, who defected from the ny area and up and moved to louisville, kentucky last summer. traitor. there’s my college boyfriend, lee, in blacksburg, virginia whom i haven’t seen in, oh, i don’t know, 8 years? ridiculous. he’s got 2 kids. and julie, in vermont, who just had her third (yes, friends, THIRD) child this month. gotta go visit them, especially since my son is going to marry her daughter someday. hee!

  • on the last and most frivolous note (yes, even more so than the shoes) i want LOST never to end and to stay brilliant (which it is much of the time…it’s only sucked a few times). it’s probably better that it’s going to finish up next year (or the next? i can’t remember), but i just love the story and the creepiness and the mystery and the secrets of those people’s lives.

plus (and let’s be honest here, ladies), where else can you find that much eye candy in one place? even if there weren’t jack and sawyer and sayid and (my personal fave) desmond (oh, brutha!), i’d be happy to just watch kate for an hour each week.

and what about you, you, you? what do you want?

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