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baby surprise jacket

the biggest surprise being that the damn thing is almost done! all it needs is a soak and some buttons. yarn used was not-very-interesting-but stash-busting-something-or-other in a basic medium blue.

evidence of nearly finished product:






thank god i found a cheat sheet for this online; there is no way i could have/would have been able to follow EZ’s pattern as written. there would have been very bad results (knitting- and mental health-wise). that said, the pattern is hilarious and charming. quite entertaining, really, but really hard to follow. for me anyway. it took me several months to make this (how do people knit this in a week?). lucky for me, the intended recipient is still very tiny and unaware that his welcome gift is waaaay late. once those pretty buttons go on, it’ll be a little less boring…and it’ll also be DONE!

then i can move onto the next gift that i need to finish: the tweedy, sexy, red poncho. which is gorgeous. and way, way, WAY late. (it’s coming, sta, i promise).


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just took a quiz over here

found out i’m an ingrid

pretty pleased with that


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more sugar (and spice)

…lots of it.


she’s feisty this one; like a kitten. a wild kitten. she’s the girl i always wanted, and then some. funny thing is, she was so mellow when she was a baby. really. she would hang out and sleep and eat and poop and then sleep some more. i could count on just my fingers the rough nights we had her first 6 months; which is to say, not many.

she is such a girl. and i don’t mean in the “everything must be pink” or “please refer to me as princess” kind of girl…no. (this is a child, after all, who names one of her favorite colors as black). i mean in the “just because i like it doesn’t mean i want it” or “just because i said it doesn’t mean i meant it” kind of way. she kind of takes that whole idea of it being a woman’s right to change her mind to a whole new level. she makes you work.

i wish i were more like her; i do not doubt that her attitude will serve her well in life. 

i love you, my sweet and spicy “miss do”. happy third birthday.

one day old:

1 day

one year old:

1 yr

two years old:

2 yrs subway

(talking to herself on the subway like every other crazy person in this city)

and now, three:


yes, that is leopard print. ’nuff said.

MHNS cupcake

enjoy the cake porn.


3 candle cake


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