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looking forward…

we are¬†enjoying summer…

by barefoot dancing:

with our annual pilgrimage to the waterpark:

by just hanging around:

and with visits to some new places, visits to see old friends and visits around our own city to see things in a new way.

this is the bronx:

this is brooklyn:

this is manhattan, and yes, that is the staten island ferry on the hudson river. ???

we are planning for the fall…

first grade!¬†preschool! time to myself.¬†plans? gym, coffee, gym, organize, coffee, knit, gym, blog, coffee…you get the idea.

we are racing for the cure…

support ‘team martha’, if you can. every little bit helps. click here.

we are happy, and well, and safe, and loved. i am looking forward to the coming busy season as i enjoy this current carefree one.


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