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i’ve got several thoughtful posts in draft form, but jeez, it’s taking me a long time to write them & get them up here. so in the meantime, i thought i’d get a little fast and frivolous. ready?


ok, wait. i have plenty of stuff. but we all want things, right? besides, all of these things aren’t necessarily material anyway.

i want:

  • to lose the last 5. things are going well in this department, thanks to

cheap gym with a ton of machines and very close to my place. i like.

  • to be able to go here for yoga

the integral yoga institute on 13th street. it’s like an hour away by subway so i haven’t been there for-bloody-ever.

  • these babies

el naturalista iggdrasil shoes. my neighborhhood pal heather has some in a leafy green. lurrrve them. not gonna happen anytime soon, though.

  • more space. oh, specifically, a dining room, a third bedroom and some private outdoor space. my, my, a house would be nice. we fantasize about ones like this:

that’s in montclair, nj

or this

in new paltz, ny

here’s the rub tho: not ready to leave la ciudad. not at all. especially not our ‘hood. i love it here.

  • time, baby, time.

time to knit this:

le clapotis by kate gilbert…

or this:

flicca by anna bell. oh my word, so beautiful. i can’t even imagine how long it would take me to make.

and time to bog, for chrissakes!

  • to see my friends! i’ve got so many people who i need to see, whom i haven’t seen in a really long time:

there’s my best pal, lynn, in chicago. she’s got a 2 year old who has cystic fybrosis and i haven’t seen her in two years. there’s my brother and his wife, also in chicago. there’s my good friend, maria, who defected from the ny area and up and moved to louisville, kentucky last summer. traitor. there’s my college boyfriend, lee, in blacksburg, virginia whom i haven’t seen in, oh, i don’t know, 8 years? ridiculous. he’s got 2 kids. and julie, in vermont, who just had her third (yes, friends, THIRD) child this month. gotta go visit them, especially since my son is going to marry her daughter someday. hee!

  • on the last and most frivolous note (yes, even more so than the shoes) i want LOST never to end and to stay brilliant (which it is much of the time…it’s only sucked a few times). it’s probably better that it’s going to finish up next year (or the next? i can’t remember), but i just love the story and the creepiness and the mystery and the secrets of those people’s lives.

plus (and let’s be honest here, ladies), where else can you find that much eye candy in one place? even if there weren’t jack and sawyer and sayid and (my personal fave) desmond (oh, brutha!), i’d be happy to just watch kate for an hour each week.

and what about you, you, you? what do you want?


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so i spent the morning playdating/babysitting with three two-year-olds. i wasn’t on my own the whole time, the first hour or so was the playdate portion with another mother, but then my neighborhood friend dropped her daughter off so she could do something she really needed to do and hasn’t been able to because altho she’s married, her husband isn’t in the picture right now and she has been in babysitter hell. since i am a saint, i agree to sit for her.

lemme tell ya, sainthood ain’t what it’s cracked up to be. toddler girls shriek. a lot. and pull hair. and cry. luckily they are also cute as hell, and when well-fed, pretty entertaining. after my miss thing spent the first hour not sharing and grabbing things away from her poor playdate (and this was a first date, too. oy. wonder if playdate’s mama is ever going to want to have another with us), she finally ate some banana and veggie booty and became (relatively) normal & well-behaved. and then they started dancing. i turned on some abba and the ladies went nuts. very cute. also, caught on tape for future usage.

but then, miss thing’s little pal’s mama was way late coming to get her because of train troubles and my little *cough* angel started to get a wee bit tired. the last 45 minutes or so was a feat of negotiation and entertainment and food offerings on my part. they ate their weight in dried mango (blech). finally it was over and miss thing went down for her rather belated nap and i was thinking, well that sure sucked the life outta me, and i checked my email and found something that made my day.

a neighborhood friend of mine took my picture on saturday, quite randomly, because she’s trying to become less shy about asking to take people’s pictures. she’s a writer and a blogger (and a mother, of course). so she took a coupla pix of miss thing & myself and one of me alone and that was that. she emailed me the full-sized cute pic of me & my progeny the other day & i replied, thanks, and boy do i need a facial! nothing like an extreme close up to give you pause about the state of your skin.
anyway, she replied (and i quote):

“no way, man, you’re foxy.”

i think i’m in love.

it gets better too. she linked me to her flickr photostream, where she describes me thusly:

“Glamazon. Comrade-in-arms”.

i owe her a beer, for sure.

her flickr photstream, if you’re interested. her descriptions of the people that i know in her set are dead on (ahem, if i do say so myself), and pretty hilarious. those of you in the ‘hood: read what she wrote about zuzu. i laughed my ass off. those of you living elsewhere: it is an understatement.


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