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knitting content!

yeah, baby, a little fiber for your viewing pleasure. this is not a knitting blog, but it is a me blog, and i knit, so there you go. for some real good knit blogs, see my sidebar under yarn.

some finished and almost-finished works:

my so-called scarf, made for my mother-in-law. i owe her a matching hat, but my yarn seems to be on serious back order at Webs. Malabrigo in Continental Blue. yum.


my so-called scarf, por moi. Catalina baby alpaca in Coral Melange. I LOVE THIS YARN. softy soft soft and gorgeous color. totally edible.


sophie purse, pre-felted. not for lack of trying. first felting attempt ended in well, no felting. five pairs of jeans in with this baby (which was in a pillowcase), and nada. zip. zilch. zero. i’m skipping the pillowcase next time & just using a lingerie bag. it should be noted that i am using a front-loader as i love in an apt building. yarn: Malabrigo in Brownberries. (yes, i like me some Malabrigo).


caloriemetry. Art Yarns supermerino in a pinky-brownie-creamy colorway. next time: bigger yarn, bigger needles and fewer repeats. great idea tho.


swing thing, via MagKnits. a total beast. this has taken me forever and it still needs buttons. but so cute! now i’ve just got to get miss thing to wear it.


so there you have it. several things are also on the needles: poncho for a friend in red debbie bliss donegal tweed (it’s coming, sta, i promise!); poncho for miss thing in a berroco yarn that i can’t remember right now, in gorgeous blues/purples/sea greens; and my first socks (terror!), for the T-man. for all you knit-heads, all the above patterns are on ravelry or just google them!


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the everyday

soule mama has inspired me to look a little closer at the everyday:

a belly and a boat:

a tea party:




i’ve been taking more pictures, discovered the macro on my camera and been a little more focused in those mundane moments (minutes, hours, days!) when it’s so easy to just go on autopilot or to check out. very helpful.

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sore loser

don’t you get all pissed when you donate money and then don’t win the raffle prize? i do. not too terribly generous of me, but damn i really wanted cookies from deb at smitten kitchen, mwah.

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my poor boy…

is getting short shrift here in cyber space so far. i feel bad. so i’m writing a pity post.his kindergarten class went to the metropolitan museum of art yesterday and his homework was to draw something he’d seen & then write what it was. he drew his picture, and then wrote this:


i was so proud.

(i’ll tell ya someday what it says, i promise).sam-photo-booth.jpg

(the boy’s self portrait using photo booth)

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oooh, i had me a nice little waldorfy mama moment yesterday. first, i diverted a request for tv from miss thing when she woke up from her nap. i suggested we play with her new dollhouse and so we did. score 1 por moi. then, she wanted water for the little wooden shower. hmmm, what to do? i know! use blue yarn. tie it to the little knobby shower head and voila! doll shower water. i was so freakin’ proud of myself. i even took pictures:


score 2!

then, we commenced to cutting yarn in general (she did pretty dern well for a 2 year old):


then, of course, the shower went under the knife:


my masterful creative impulse, right down the pretend drain, but hey, miss thing was having a blast and the tv wasn’t on! score 3.

then, well then, i wouldn’t let her run amok in the house with the scissors and she had a total meltdown and we watched caillou. ah well.

damn, she makes it all look soooo easy. and they don’t even have a tv.mama-doll-2.jpg

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2 do 4 me, 2008

  • knit more
  • cook more
  • play more
  • wean miss thing!
  • travel more with kids: vermont, louisville, chicago especially, to visit far away friends and family
  • send miss thing to preschool in september
  • learn to sew
  • write
  • do more yoga
  • make sure this blog doesn’t get too serious and ethereal and dorky sounding

what are your goals for you?

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    i have the place to myself and i’m knitting on the couch and the cat is snuggled in next to me and i can smell something. something just slightly over-sweet, and soft, and really familiar. i’m getting a little drunk on the scent and and i realize it’s the body scent of my two-year-old. she’s left it all over me. it is so delicious. makes me want to wake her up and snuggle her some more. ┬ábut i don’t because i’m not crazy. just a little high.

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