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taking shape

i can feel a theme for this blog emerging, albeit slowly. i really didn’t want this to be a place to just bitch about domestic life. so things here have moved slowly. my last post inspired me toward a path, i think. i’m pretty sure. it’s taking shape.


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winter afternoon:

ooh, i’m having the nicest of moments right now. the boy is down at the playground (in 38 degree weather, yipes) with his papa, i just put miss thing down for her nap, i’m drinking a hot chocolate (trader joe’s fair trade) with a little decaf thrown in to make a mocha and nibbling on bagel with cream cheese (organic  valley – really delicious). a treat on so many levels (don’t know the last time i allowed myself the cream cheese treat, but it’s that time of the month and i’m feeling it so screw it). in a few minutes, i too shall nap. oh, and there’s split pea soup bubbling away on the stove. mmmmmm.  

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happy christmas to me

amid all the holiday madness, I’ve decided to give myself a little gift: this blog.


we’ll see how it goes.

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